There are some rooms in your house that you know you could not live without. But what is the most important room? Let us know in this week's Survey Said question.

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 'Survey Said'

We poll our listeners and other Minnesotans -- we also pester our co-workers, families, and friends -- we've even been known to stop random strangers just to get answers to our question of the week. We then tally everyone's responses, and those answers make up 'the board.' Then we play "Survey Said" on Friday mornings at 8:30.

We're looking for THREE of the answers that made it on the board. The first person that gives it to us wins. It could be tickets to go check out something fun, a certificate to a local restaurant, or station swag. So put the River studio number in your phone and save it as a favorite: Call 320-258-3738 to play. Or call us by using the River mobile app.

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