If you still haven't put up Christmas decor, it's not too late. Most people don't care if you put them up the day before Christmas, but they have issues with how long you leave them up!

Buzzfeed posted a few different polls asking people when a, quote, "responsible person" should take down their lights, their tree, and their other Christmas decorations. The results are pretty surprising, given how opinionated people are about how early you put them up. I thought there would be more people saying they should be gone before the new year.

Here's what the poll results showed:

  • 58% - By January 15th
  • 32% - By January 1st
  • 7% - By February 7th (that's random!)
  • 3% - By December 26th

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that since it's cold this time of year in central Minnesota, the Christmas lights on the outside of the house are OK until we have a warm spell. Given that it gets so dark early, the Christmas lights help to see when walking outside. Those can stay up for a while, in my opinion.

As for the tree and inside decorations, I'll lean more with the majority and try to have them down by January 15th. Anything longer than that and your house guests will start to think you're just lazy.

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