Whiskey plates.  It's something that you get put on your vehicle if you have been convicted of a DUI.  It's embarrassing, and it's nothing more than public shaming.  Anyone can get a DUI if you happened to have been pulled over driving after you have had something alcoholic to drink. And it doesn't necessarily mean that you were "super drunk".  Sometimes you can be over the legal limit of .08 and feel totally fine to drive.  You aren't.  It's best to not drive if you have had anything to drink.

If you have whiskey plates on your car, they are generally there for an entire year.  An entire year of embarrassment.  And I get it, you broke the law, blah blah blah, so do several other people, and they aren't saddled with the public shaming license plates.  I personally feel that it should be something that you would get after SEVERAL offenses.  But anyway...

There is a new Minnesota law that is offering an alternative to the whiskey plates.  It's the ignition interlock.  This would prevent you from driving if you have had anything to drink.  If you had whiskey plates you could still drive, but this would prevent the person convicted of a DUI from driving.  Some people have both- but now, this could be just the one option.

According to KIMT TV- Current and future whiskey plate holders can make the change over to the ignition interlock program but will have to pay 100 dollars for a new license plate. 

At least if you aren't drinking, you can drive around without other people on the road shaming you.  And let's be honest, many of those people just haven't been caught.  Bottom line- don't drink and drive. But if you have had a conviction, you don't need public shaming.  You already have enough problems that come with a conviction.

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