Admit it. You’ve had your heart swept away by a celebrity at least once in your life. And for understandable reasons. They’re (typically) physically fit, live glamorous life styles, and have charming personalities. Well, dear reader, I too have a celebrity crush. No, it’s not Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, or Taylor Swift. My celebrity crush is actually smart and talented (buh-du-ttss.)

I’m talking about a lovely, gorgeous, intelligent, brunette with deep brown eyes who’s skin complexion radiates like that of the magical glow of an angel sent from heaven. I’m talking about non-other than the one and only – Natalie Portman. I fell in love with this woman at the ripe, young age of 8, when I saw “Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones” in theaters for the first time. Aside from the coliseum battle scene, the only redeeming part of episode 2 is the fact that we get to see Padm’e running around in skimpy outfits the entire time. But wait – there’s more. Not only is Natalie smoking hot, she’s also a pretty smart cookie. She attended Harvard to study psychology and even has a paper published in a scientific journal. Pretty impressive, huh?


One of these days, Ms. Portman will ask me to marry her, and I will gladly accept. But until then, I will be patiently awaiting her proposal. You can catch my future wife hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend.

Who's your celebrity crush?

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