With more snow on the way for Friday, I'm officially self-diagnosing myself with ESS, or Excessive Shoveling Syndrome -- and the only cure is Spring.

The National Weather Service is saying that we can expect 3 to 4 inches of snow Friday in St. Cloud, followed by well below normal temperatures through Monday.

St. Cloud will wrap up the month with the snowiest February on record (27.6"), six inches above the previous snowiest February back in 1971.

National Weather Service

This February is also the snowiest on record for the Twin Cities at 39 inches, and the fourth snowiest month ever for the metro. Rochester can top that, ending their snowiest February at 40 inches, and their second snowiest month ever. Eau Claire, Wisconsin ends the month with a whopping 53.7 inches -- crushing the old February record of 28.2 inches set in 1936.

The average snowfall amount in February for St. Cloud, the Twin Cities, Rochester, and Eau Claire is in the single digits -- so this month has been a whopper.

From the National Weather Service this evening: Another snow system moves into the area on Friday, with a widespread few inches of snow currently expected throughout south-central MN. Expect cold temperatures behind this system for the weekend, with single digit highs on Sunday and Monday. An important note, winds are NOT expected to be strong with this system.

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