I'm not really sure why sleeping in a treehouse sound so exciting, but it does. Perhaps it's the kid in me that never had a treehouse, secretly wanting to live out my childhood dreams.

If you've always wanted to stay the night in a giant treehouse, you actually can...and it's on the lake too! The treehouse is actually part of My Lake Home And Tree House Inn located in Squaw Lake, Minnesota. It's about 3 hours away from St. Cloud if you're traveling by car.

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The inn claims it to be the only lakeside treehouse available for rent in the state. It's everything Minnesotans love all wrapped up into one thing. You can see the lake from your house in the pines.

To access the treehouse, you'll take a spiral staircase up to a real rope bridge. HOW COOL! Then, spend the night 'glamping' among the 100-foot tall pine trees. It sounds like a kid's dream come true, but kids under 16 aren't allowed. They have enough fun, it's the adult's turn.

If you need an excuse so the kids won't be jealous, tell them you're going to get your taxes done and then you're going to go shopping for vegetables all weekend.

Make sure to pack some snacks and a cooler. There's no kitchen available to you...that's why it's called 'glamping'. Guests do have access to on-site grills. The treehouse doesn't have heat or AC, so it's only available for rent from April to October.

Guests do have access to bathrooms, showers, sauna, paddle boats, kayaks and other fun outdoor things. This might be the perfect social distancing romantic getaway ever.


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