Skin cancer is the biggest threat for these 2 places on our face, and most of us totally miss putting sunscreen here.

In the land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesotans hit the beaches every weekend. Our summers are amazing and the sun can be hot. Sunscreen is the best way to help fight the #1 cause of skin cancer, yet we miss these places on our face that skin cancer is most likely to happen. (DailyMail)

1. The eyelids - This is some of the thinnest skin on your body and can burn easily. Many people forgot, or avoid, putting sunscreen here because it's close to your eyes and could easily get in your eyes.

2. The bridge of your nose - Even though we see it in the older movies (that white white strip of sunblock on lifeguard's noses), we forget about putting plenty of sunscreen on the bridge and sides of our nose. It's the part of our face that sticks out the most and always gets plenty of sun.

There's not a ton of videos to follow for applying sunscreen to your eyelids, but you get the picture...just remember to include them.

If you're wondering how to apply sunscreen correctly on your body, and what to look for in sunscreen, here's a helpful video for that:

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