Social media has my number. Mid-scroll I had to stop, as I may have found the most Minnesotan flavor of pizza, and it sounds pretty tasty to me. It's a mashed potato pizza! And they are sold about an hour and 20 minutes from St. Cloud. QC Pizza in Mahtomedi is offering up the 'za with extra Midwest flavoring Top the Tater drizzled on top of the potato pizza pie.

According to the QC Pizza website the Minnesota Masher Loaded Baked Potato Pizza has: "Our signature crust, mashed potato, crumbled bacon, house mozzarella, house cheddar, finished with Top The Tator sauce drizzle and fresh Parsley. 12" Only"

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While this food combination sounds good to me, I think I could do without the Top the Tater spread on it, personally, I don't want something cool on top of my hot pizza, to me that is just too much going on. The other flavors should be enough to make the pizza taste good.

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If you are feeling like giving this pizza a try, you are going to have to go and get it, as they are not likely to deliver it up here in Central Minnesota. But in some cases, you might NOT have to go far to sample a QC Pizza as Pantown Brewing serves frozen QC Pizzas, according to their website.

There is actually another place that is serving up the frozen pizzas from QC, and that would be VFW Post 806 Club in Princeton MN.

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