A video gone wildly viral on TikTok last spring appears to show a Minnesota woman pouring gasoline from a pump all over her vehicle.

A video shared to TikTok had people asking, "Has this lady lost her mind?!" The 9-second video posted online by TikTok user Aaron Zook appears to show a woman hosing down her car with gasoline from a gas pump. The woman herself is wearing a full winter jacket, winter hat and face mask, indicating that the video was likely filmed sometime during the winter or early spring. The license plate on the vehicle she's hosing down reads Minnesota. A man -- perhaps the one filming -- can be heard saying, "Go in- yeah, go in and tell somebody." A woman off-camera asks, "I have to go tell?"

The video, naturally, raised a lot of questions and concerns in the comment section.

"The most expensive car wash she'll ever get," one person joked.

"W.T.F [What the F***]. She's washing her car with gasoline," commented another in shock.

"WHAT is she doing?" wondered another aloud.

"I would not go and tell her," commented one woman. "I would get as far away as possible."

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Some more astute TikTok users, however, disputed the idea that she's pouring gasoline on her vehicle, arguing that it's just water.

"That looks like a water hose with a gas nozzle on it," commented one person with a keen eye.

"That is water," stated another confidently. "Gas is colored. And gas would look like oily on the floor."

"Y'all really don't get that it's water," said another. "She's the smart one." And, of course, there have been plenty of jokes.

"I hope she doesn't smoke," cracked one TikTok user.

"When the pump asks 'Would you like a car wash as well?'"

"Don't worry, it's her cheating husband's, and she knows what she's doing."

One year later, we're still not quite sure the story behind this one. But we're going to give the woman the benefit of the doubt and trust that she was hosing her vehicle down with water and not gasoline.

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