It's looking a lot like spring in central Minnesota. Even though it won't officially be spring for another week or so, we've already turned the page in our brains. Here are 10 things most central Minnesotans do when it's above 40 degrees.

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1. Go outside: Even if you don't have a reason to be out there, you'll find one. Drive around town, you'll see a lot of people just standing in the yard looking up at the sky.

2. Complain that snowmobile season is over: Minnesotans do enjoy their winter activities and sometimes we can have letting go issues.

3. Grill: Don't lie, you totally stopped by the meat market yesterday or at least thought about it. Grilling season is here my friend.

4. Talk about the weather with everyone: You'll skip the self-checkout line just so you can make the awkward 'weather' small talk with the cashier.

5. Get a car wash: There's nothing more satisfying than knowing winter is falling right off of your car.

6. Clean out the garage: You'll back those cars out of the garage and start sweeping the salt and dirt out from all of those snow boogers that fell from your car all winter.

7. Abandon their jacket: I saw a shirtless man hanging out at his mailbox in Sauk Rapids yesterday and I wasn't even surprised. It's that time of year.

8. Go shopping for gardening supplies: Everyone gets the itch to start their indoor gardens or at least walk up and down the lawn and garden aisle dreaming about summer and gathering inspiration.

9. Pull out the patio furniture: Yes, it could snow again. But, you know it won't last.

10: Break up snow in the driveway: We spend all winter keeping snow out of the driveaway...but when the suns out and it's 40 degrees and above, you'll move the snow from the yard to the driveway because you're convinced it'll melt faster.

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