Tis the season...for Spring Cleaning!

For most of us, Spring Cleaning means de-cluttering the cluttered areas at home, namely garage, basement and closet spaces.

While your at it, you might clean or wash some of these things that probably don't get cleaned as often as they should:

1. Microwave
If your microwave looks like our microwaves at work, then they need a good cleaning every day. If your microwave looks like my microwave at home, it's in significantly better condition and could probably get away with the weekly cleaning suggested by MyDomaine. Either way, for as often as microwaves get used (and dirty), they often don't get cleaned as often as they could afford to. Add this one to the Spring Cleaning list (if you have kids, make one of them do it...it's quick and easy).

2. Bathtub
You'd think the bathtub would be a pretty clean place. After all, you clean yourself it it! But apparently, it's not as clean as you might think. According to Huffington Post, co-director of the Center for Hygiene and Health in Home and Community at Simmons College in Boston Elizabeth Scott, PhD found a skin disease-causing bacteria in more bathtubs than trash cans. So, yeah...that's kind of gross. I'd say be sure to include it in your Spring Cleaning, but you might want to get to it faster than that.

3. Computer and Desk
If you happen to eat lunch (or any meal) at your work desk, you're not alone. NY Daily News found that 70% of Americans eat lunch at their desk. CNN found that keyboards host 5x more bacteria than a typical toilet seat. So, whether you're eating at your desk or just bringing germs home with you, give your computer and desk area a good wipe down (often -- recommended cleaning is weekly)

4. Mattress
Mattresses are one of those things taken for granted. You sleep with/under one every night but rarely think to clean it (or maybe I'm just speaking for myself?). Suggested cleaning by My Domaine is every two months by simply sprinkling the mattress with baking soda to absorb odor and vacuuming. You can then spray the mattress with Lysol to kill bacteria.

5. Car
General car maintenance suggests a car wash every one to three weeks, especially if you live near water or someplace with extreme weather conditions. Well, that basically covers most of us here in Minnesota. For the sake of its finish, washing the outside is probably more important than the inside. But with Spring here, giving the inside of your car a good clean down wouldn't hurt at all, either.