Many of us Minnesotans spend a lot of time in our garages. We build and fix things in there -- store equipment we use to do outside tasks -- and a place we do many of our projects. While you can never have enough tools and gadgets in the garage, here are eight things every Minnesotan should have in the garage.

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David Black

Retractable Extension Cord

By themselves, extension cords are convenient, but to have one hanging from your garage ceiling is super convenient. It makes any chores or projects you do easier -- and since you probably have a duel outlet where your garage door opener is plugged into anyway, why let the other one go to waste?


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Snow Blower

The older you get, the more you need one. Even if it’s a mini one, a snow blower will save you time (which is money) and pain (which can also cost you money).


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Air Compressor

An air compressor comes in handy for so many things. Whether you want to fill up a tire, blow your mower clean, or fill a basketball up. Air compressors can really come in handy.


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Bench Vice

There will be moments, many moments when you’re working on something, and you need that extra set of steady hands. It’s those moments you're happy you have a bench vice to help. Once you have one, you'll take it for granted. But when you don’t, you’ll kick yourself when you need one.



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Wall/Tool Organizer

Whether it’s power tools, hand tools, or garden tools, having them organized will make everyone in the family’s life easier.


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Good Lighting

Look around your garage at night. I bet the lighting is low, and you see shadows everywhere. You can change that with some simple LED lighting that will completely change how you SEE your garage.


David Black


Tennis Ball Car Stopper

Do you want to maximize your garage space and make sure no one hits something in the garage when they're pulling the car? A tennis ball car stopper does the trick. It's cheap to buy, or you can easily make it yourself. It takes the guesswork out of pulling into your garage. You could even do yourself one better and install a laser assist guide.


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Can Crusher

A can crusher is a must-have for your recycling needs. It frees up an incredible amount of space in your recycling bin. And if you are not recycling, you should rethink that decision.


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