This is a very sad story... that has somewhat of a happy ending.

There is a home in Coon Rapids that was foreclosed on.  Turns out that it was a home that had a hoarder living there previously, and also a ton of cats.  The owner of the home left, but the cats and everything else that was in the house was left.  The person who bought the house with intentions to flip it, was a bit horrified with what he found when he took possession of the house.

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Because these cats were all living in the house together with virtually no care at all, there was feces all over, the cats had urinated on almost everything.  A few of them were actually found dead, and they were literally coming out of the woodwork.  The new owner, Matt Lennender, said that he was finding cats in the walls of the house as well as in the drawers of the cabinets.  He also mentioned that he could smell the house while he was still halfway up the driveway.  That is how powerful that scent was.

He was able to get the cats out of the house, and get them to care facilities and shelters. One woman, who fosters cats, has about 50 of them in her heated garage after they recieved some medical care and are now awating other foster homes or people to adopt them.  The sickest ones were taken by the police to get the medical care that they needed.

There is a donation site that has been set up by Lennender.  You can access that site here and donate as much as you can, or you can help by sharing the site on social media

Please keep sharing and help us take care of all of theses sweet, innocent babies who deserve so much better than the environment they’ve been living in for who knows how long. 

This situation is horrible, but hopefully there will be people who will adopt most of these cats, and get some medical care for these kitties.  Also - this is a reminder that it is always a good idea to spay and neuter your pets.

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