St. Cloud State University Husky hockey has been pretty successful during its existence. They have had many good to great seasons. For the most part, Husky hockey has consistently been competitive. They also have had quite a few players go on to play in the NHL

But no matter how good they’ve been in certain times, they’ve never been good in the playoffs in an effort to win the championship.

Two seasons ago, they were 30-6-9 and did not lose a single home game. They were consistently ranked number one that season but couldn’t pull it together in the playoffs.

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Last season saw some changes to the roster. Many of the top players were gone. They finished below .500 but there were a few sparks. Such as the North Dakota series where they tied the first game and won the second.

In the end, it was a lost season anyway when Covid came to town and shut it all down.

This season, Covid is still in play. It picked up right where we left off. The Huskies will be starting their season in a bubble, playing 10 games in a three-week span, in Nebraska.

96.7 The River will once again be home to St. Cloud State University three week stand. And since there’s a chance you won’t be able to see any games live, make sure you listen to them on the river.

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