Most of the time when you get "blackout" drunk, you usually do something you regret and that you don't remember. Well, a guy from right here in Minnesota named Derek Bergee did do something he doesn't remember but not something he regrets.

March Madness Viewing Party At The Westgate Las Vegas
Ethan Miller / Staff via Getty Images

He was at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas last week doing what some people do. He got really drunk. So drunk that he blacked out. He was still going at 7am and decided to do some gambling. He put $100 down on one of those parley bets that consisted of three sporting events.

First, he bet that the SCSU men's hockey team would lose in the first round (they did) and that the combined score would be six goals or less (it was). He also picked the Timberwolves to upset Golden State and the Wild to beat the Vegas Golden Knights (they both won). All of those bets had to hit or he was out the hundred bucks.

Shortly after placing the bets the alcohol finally demanded he pass out so he went back to his hotel room and did just that. He then proceeded to sleep the rest of the day and night and missed seeing all those games. When he finally woke up, not even remembering placing the bets, he found out he won over $26,000! The casino told him it's was the biggest four-leg parlay bet they ever had.