We've heard so much about Minnesotans who want to sling the mud right back at Eagles' fans coming to Minnesota, that we forget about the feel good stories, and this is one of them. We shouldn't forget that not every fan of the Philadelphia Eagles is a rude and violent person, especially this young man.

CBS in Philadelphia just reported a story about 13-year old Cole Fitzgerald, who has a physical disability and is a survivor of neuroblastoma, a type of cancer.

Cole is a die-hard fan of the Eagles, and recently got a chance to meet his favorite players with unprecedented access to the team. Now, thanks to a generous donation from a Vikings' fan, he will be going to the Super Bowl in less than a week.

The fan who donated the tickets said that they purchased tickets but just couldn't stomach going to the game, so they wanted to give them to Cole, who was presented the ticket from Mary Serie, a spokesperson for Spare Key -- an organization who provides assistance to families in crisis with critically ill or seriously injured children.

The Vikings' fan who donated the ticket wanted to remain anonymous, but Fitzgerald wanted to make sure and let them know "I want to thank the fan. I’m sorry for your season. Good luck next year".

It feels good to report a story like this in regards to a fan of the Eagles. Even though they marched through their streets with a degrading banner about our beloved 99-year old Vikings' fan "Millie Walls", I can promise you there will be nothing near that for the Eagles' biggest fan. Rather, we'll welcome Cole to the state of Minnesota in hopes that he has a great Super Bowl experience at the home field of our Minnesota Vikings.

That's how you show class!


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