What is accepted at a workplace that is casual or business casual? And what should you wear to an interview? That differs depending on who you talk to.


Recently there was a survey done to ask that question.  Mixed answers....

I personally think that leggings are totally fine as long as there is a shirt that is long enough to cover your butt... or at least most of it.  The high heel thing.. well that depends on what else is being worn with it.  If someone wears high heels with a skirt that is just above the knee, knee length, or longer than that, it's fine.  But if someone is wearing a skirt that is mid-thigh, the high heels don't look as professional.  Some people are very short and want to at least pretend to be taller for a bit.

As far as the interview goes.. .I would dress just a bit better than people who work there currently.  At least for the interview.

What do you think is ok and not ok in the workplace?