I cannot believe this is actually a thing.  Here is the "thing" I'm talking about... a calendar that you can buy on Amazon that is an "Adulting" calendar.  And it comes with stickers.  Seriously??  Yes, seriously.


Here is my take- if you need a calendar that shows when you are "adulting" and you are able to give yourself a gold star in sticker form for when you had a day of successful "adulting" there is an issue.  AND not only that, but I feel like you just took the fact that you thought you did a great job being an adult out of the picture by saying you are "adulting".  And it gets worse when you needed to give yourself a sticker for it like you are in elementary school and you have a job well done.  And thirdly, the "adulting" word really sounds like something else.

Am I being a little negative about this?  I'm sure that would be the complaint, but I give you this... it's not negative if it's reality.  Right?