When you hear the word “Spring”, a few things come to mind. Warmer weather of course. Spring Cleaning is a big one, where folks declutter from the winter.  

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There’s another word that follows “spring” quite often, and that’s “fling”. Spring Fling can mean different things to different people.  

In Sartell, “Spring Fling” means an opportunity to get out and support the community at an event where you’ll see your friends and neighbors, and maybe some folks you don’t know too. 

At this Spring Fling you’ll be able to shop at around 140 vendors and small businesses. There will be a variety of items available for sale including home decor items, baked goods, hand crafted items, signs and other unique items. 

I know it’s really early, but this could be a great way to get an head start on your Christmas shopping. Is it ever too early to start your shopping?  

The organizers of this event are giving you other incentives to attend as well. The first 300 folks through the door will get a free shopping bag, and half of those bags will have an instant winner prize inside.  

You can also register to win an IPAD and case. Plus, there will be face painting and an ice cream truck.  

So now that you’re interested, when and where is this Spring Fling? Saturday May 18th from 9am-2pm at the Sartell Community Center, 850- 19th Street South in Sartell.  

Put this date on your calendar, it’ll likely be a good chance to see some folks you haven’t seen in a while and support the community at the same time.  This event is hosted by Epic Events. 

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