So, the NFL released the schedules for each of its 32 teams this week, so fans now know who their team will be facing and when.  

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There was also news this week that the NFL will again have two games on Christmas Day, and those games will be on Netflix. Yes, that means to watch those games you’ll need a subscription to the streaming channel.  

Games this year will be on Fox, CBS, ABC, ESPN, Prime Video, Peacock, the NFL Network, and now Netflix. Of course, FOX, CBS, and ABC are networks that can be seen over the air, which means you can find them for free if you have an antenna.  

But to see all the games you’ll need access to all these streaming channels. According to MarketWatch, it would cost fans $1,610 which counts for NFL Sunday Ticket, Cable TV, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, Netflix, NFL+, ESPN+.   

With everything else costing so much, how many fans will be able to do that? Maybe you team up with friends and/or family and each of you covers the costs of certain networks. Or you can do what a lot of people do, and that’s go to a restaurant/sports bar in the area.  

According to Yelp, here are the Top 10 Sports Bars in the St. Cloud Area. I've also attached a brief description from some of the yelp reviews.  (These are listed in no particular order) 

The Ultimate Sports Bar- TV's all around with a device that you can keep on your table so you can hear the channel you are watching. They feature a great drink selection with delicious food.  

Ducks Sports Bar- In addition to being able to watch the games, there’s a Golf Simulator, Electronic and Steel Tip Darts, Restaurant and a Full-Service Bar. 

Crooked Pint Ale House- A Great place to watch a game and have a beer. 

Shooters Saloon and Eatery- Delicious Food, Great Service and Fun Environment.  

Blue Line Sports Bar and Grill- Sartell and St. Cloud- Big Food Selection and Plenty of TV’s 

Jimmy’s Pour House- Good Food and Plenty of TVs to watch the game. 

Green Mill Restaurant & Bar- Great Selection of Beer and a great place to get a drink and watch the game. Delicious Pizza and a big menu. 

H.R. Pesty’s Saloon and Eatery- Great Little Neighborhood Bar, the food and service are top notch. 

G-Allen's- Good food every time 

Buffalo Wild Wings- Always something on the many TV’ and a big selection of food.  

 Again, these are the Top 10 Sports Bars as listed by Yelp, maybe you know of others that didn’t this list.  

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