ST. CLOUD -- If you have ever received a trophy, medal, plaque or award of any kind in central Minnesota, it was probably created by Marty Heine.

Heine has owned All Star Trophies and Awards in St. Cloud for almost 30 years. During that time, he's created hundreds of thousands of trophies for youth and high school athletics, businesses and other achievements and is now transitioning into retirement.

He says his greatest achievement is knowing he had a hand in creating so many memories.

It's a business I've been happy to be in and it makes me proud to make other people happy.

Heine says he's going to take his time phasing out to make sure the new owner, John Lewer is well adjusted.

Right now I don't plan on going anywhere fast. We are telling customers about the new ownership, so there should be no changes with any service other than they may see less of me and more of John.

Lewer (who is Heine's son-in-law) first worked for Heine back in college and has spent the roughly last year learning under him.

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He says this business has some strong roots in the community and he looks forward to continuing to build on that foundation his father-in-law started.

I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel. We have a great foundation and I'm going to try and build off of that and keep doing what we do well.

Lewer says he knows he has some big shoes to fill in the family business, but he's excited for the opportunity and grateful to have a supportive mentor.

There is a lot I need to learn and a lot I have learned from him. There is some growing pains which is good, I think that makes you a better business owner. Just having a resource like Marty is priceless for me.

Lewer says Heine has earned his retirement but knows if he is ever in a bind, Heine will always answer his call.


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