If you and your family were crowded around your television last night to watch St. Cloud's 15 minutes of fame on HGTV, you're not alone. We totally did that too!

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The St. Cloud Poseidon House made it to the final round of the 5 episode premiere event of 'Ugliest Houses In America'. It's a competition-style show where 12 houses were pitted against each other for the title. The winner was announced last night by celebrity host Retta, known for her roles in Parks and Recreation and Good Girls.

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If you want to avoid spoilers, why in the world did you click on this?! There's still time to turn around and go back now...but, you've been warned.

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Fortunately for St. Cloud homeowner Kourtney Bradford, her house isn't the ugliest house in America...there are worse. Unfortunately, that means she didn't win a $150,000 home renovation by celebrity designer Alison Victoria.

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Bradford's house was, however, named the 'Ugliest House In The Midwest'. I mean, the house has its own beating heart, cave bathroom which includes a shower for four mirrors on the ceiling above the bed, and we can't forget to mention the famous Poseidon statue in the front yard. So, there's that.

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It's definitely the most unique house in St. Cloud. And, for that reason, we all know it and love it. Don't lie, you make a point to look for the Poseidon statue and the beating heart every time you drive by.

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Even though Bradford didn't win a home renovation, she still plans to do some renovating of her own. But, the big question is... will she keep the famous statue in the front yard? Only time will tell.

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If you missed last night's episode you can catch the entire 5 episode mini-series again on Monday, January 17 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.


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