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(PHOTO: From left: Clearview Elementary Principal, Sheri Rutar-who helped us to make this surprise happen, our amazing Teacher of the Week- Andrea Coulter, awesome mom who nominated Andrea- Denise Hegge, along with three of her children- Katelyn, Zach and Jonathan!)

We love surprising teachers every week! There's usually a look of suspicion when we walk into the classroom, followed by surprise, a little embarrassment, and sometimes even tears. But no matter how the surprise happens, it's always fun and very rewarding to say thank you to a teacher who has made a difference in the lives of their students.

This week, we honor Andrea Coulter! Andrea teaches 4th and 5th grades at Clearview Elementary School in Clear Lake. She was nominated by Denise Hegge. Here's what Denise had to say about Andrea:

Mrs. Coulter gives so much of herself to the school and her students. She runs Cougar Club—the after school targeted services program where students get additional help with math, reading, and social skills, the forest club, school assemblies, the school store, helps with finding subs when needed, helps with conducting interviews, and teaches and oversees the summer school program, to name just a few things. She spends countless hours researching and applying for grants for the forest club—the club oversees the maintenance of the Clearview Forest and helps students learn about nature through its use—and Cougar Club. She looks for the best in every child and works to make them feel special and capable. She is one of the first teachers in the building each morning and one of the last to leave. The fourth and fifth grades (in English) have recently been combined at the school and she has approached it with a positive attitude and enthusiasm that allows her to successfully teach both grades at once. On a personal note, she has helped my oldest grow and learn to love school. She has embraced him and helped him come out of his shell in a way that no other teacher has. She cares so much about all her students. One recent example of her caring: several of her students had been suffering from eczema, to the point they were nearly in tears. Their parents had been unable to find something that took away the symptoms. She learned of a new lotion, and within just a few days, she had gone to the store and picked some up for her students to use. She has an incredible heart and loves to see her students learn and succeed. Clearview would not be the same without her. My children would not be the same without her! I appreciate everything she does for the school, her students, and my family.      Denise Hegge

Thank you to our incredible Teacher of the Week sponsors who make this surprise even more fun:  All-Star Trophy and Awards, Great Harvest Bread, Concrete Image Salon and Coyote Moon Grille!

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