Munsinger Gardens in St. Cloud will host the Quiet Oaks Hospice House's annual Butterfly Release on July 25th. This will be the tenth time the event has been held at the landmark park.

The release is slated to start at 2 p.m. with butterflies available at Quiet Oaks from 11 a.m. to noon. Each butterfly costs $25 with the proceeds going to the compassionate care fund, which supplements the daily cost of resident care at Quiet Oaks according to the event's Facebook page.

The tax-deductible amount for each butterfly purchased is $10.

Quiet Oaks Hospice House is located on Galaxy Road in St. Cloud, south of I-94 near St. Augusta. They have been a 501(c) tax-exempt company since 2005 providing "genuine care and comforts of home (including) massages, quilts and homemade cookies."

On its website, Quiet Oaks describes their core values of comfort, support, care, compassion and dignity.

"We honor and respect each person's right to live each moment of each day as fully as possible. Residents are in charge of their schedule and care on their terms."

WJON spoke to Quiet Oaks Executive Director Linda Allen before the event in 2018. She says even if you don't purchase a butterfly to release yourself, the event can still be a powerful experience.

They come in a little package and we release at the same time and all of them lift off and take flight at the same time.  So even if you just want to come down and see the sight of 350 Monarch butterflies being released at the same time that's quite phenomenal.


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