Are You Ready For It? Taylor Swift Brings Her Reputation To MN

2017 DIRECTV NOW Super Saturday Night Concert In Houston - Taylor Swift Performance
Getty Images for DIRECTV


Among all of the pop artists that have emerged since the year 2000, none have dominated the radio waves like the one, and only – Taylor Swift. You gotta admit, she’s got “Style” (Buh-duh-tss.) The once innocent teenage country star turned psychotic pop singer is more relevant than ever. Most pop artists come and go after a hit or two, but not T-Swift. She’s been pumping out hit after hit for twelve years.



Even as a metal head, I have to admit that her songs are just too catchy not to love. Well ladies and gents, you’re gonna be pretty thrilled to hear that everyone’s favorite vengeful blonde is going to be playing back to back shows at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on August 31st and September 1st (a Friday and Saturday.) Of course she’ll be supporting her latest album “Reputation” which may be her greatest record to date.



Both shows are all ages and tickets are on sale now. You can get a nose-bleed for about $80, while front row seats cost up to $1,700 a piece! A little ridiculous if you ask me, but hey, when you’re the biggest pop star in the world I suppose you can basically charge whatever you want.

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