I am a huge Bachelor and Bachlorette fan, but man the Peter Weber season was hard to watch.I felt like I didn't learn anything about Peter, however I did notice how he kissed almost every girl on the show compeiting for his love.

Even up to the hometowns, I had no idea who he was into, because he was claiming to be in love with all three ladies left Hannah Anne, Victoria and Madison. There just wasn't a whole lot of depth there and then when Madison left and by default he was like what the heck, and he proposed to Hannah Anne. The he went back to Madison and now they are dating. I think Peter needs to do some soul searching and work on himself before he hurts more women.

Now with Peter dating Madison,  have an extremely long road ahead of them, but they're set on making it work. I think the biggest issue is Peter's parents. They should be supporting his decision.  That relationship will be taking a paddle boat up stream with no paddles.

Peter's mother, Barbara, says that only Peter is compromising here, and that this relationship simply won't work out. Peter's father was on board with her opinion as well and told the live audience Monday night. There was a lot of shocked expressions and even some booing in the audience. Not a big shocker there.  The video posted is from the Season Finale was jaw dropping.

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