For the first time since the pre-pandemic olden days, I returned to the theater this weekend to check out the movie everyone is talking about, "Top Gun Maverick."

One of the first things I noticed was just how comfortable people are getting in these theaters since they introduced the "Dream Lounger" type reclining seats. I even saw folks lugging in blankets to enhance their movie-watching experience.

Ok, the blankets are one thing, but taking off your shoes and/or socks is just too nasty for me to accept as a "new normal."

As I was walking down the aisle to my seat, I saw two fully grown men with fully grown man feet remove their shoes AND socks and just plop their nasty feet up onto the recliner. Then I started to wonder where those feet had been throughout the rest of a long, hot summer day.

I used to work at a restaurant at Mall of America and every once in a while someone would take off their socks and shoes and put their feet up on the booth. It was gross but rare. Is it common for this to happen in the theater?

The theater itself seemed very clean and well-kept, but I can't imagine they have the time or manpower to go and wipe down each chair between showings. So, where I used to have to worry about my feet sticking to the floor at the theater because someone spilled their Coke three weeks previous, now I have to worry about some foot stank all over my seat? Gross.

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