A Beaver Island Brewing beer was just ranked by City Pages as the Most Minnesotan Beer available at the State Fair this year.

Twenty-five beers by Minnesota breweries (and one Wisconsin) crafted specifically for the Great Minnesota Get Together will be available for sipping this year. But if there was an award for Most Minnesotan Beer (there isn't officially) it would go to Beaver Island Brewing Co.'s Uffda Ale.


That's according to City Pages, who recently ranked all 25 State Fair beers by their level of Minnesota-ness.

Beers like Brewzo Lager (Lake Monster Brewing), Spumoni Tsunami (Bad Weather Brewing), Gaelic Dark & Stormy (Surly Brewing) and Orange Cream Ale (Castle Danger Brewing) -- while all probably delicious -- ranked worst in terms of encompassing any Minnesota culture or reference.

Key Lime Pie by Lift Bridge Brewing ranked #21 with the writer saying, "there would be points if it was served with a garnish of marshmallows and called 'salad.'"

The list continues ranking beers in categories like "Minnesotan By Way of the Midwest," "State Fair-Themed Points," and "Ope, That’s Getting Pretty Minnesotan There Then."

Beaver Island's Uffda Ale nearly tied with #2 Helles Ya, You Betcha by Summit Brewing, but it was Uffda Ale's truly Minnesotan connections through and through that named it the most Minnesotan:

"This ale has all kinds of local connections with locally malted grains and actual lefse in the beer. Then it’s garnished with lingonberries and a crispy lefse chip. If you put this in a can, the whoosh of air when you crack it open would sound like “Uffda,” and then you’d hear “Here Comes a Regular” playing in the distance."

Read City Page's full article "Every new State Fair beer, ranked according to how Minnesotan it is," then plan your trip to Giggles' Campfire Grill at the State Fair for your own Uffda Ale!

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