BECKER (WJON News) - The Becker Police Department is asking the public for help developing a security camera registry.

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The department is working to create a list of people with security cameras at their homes that could be used during an investigation.

Signup is voluntary, and the police will not be able to access the footage without your permission.

Police Chief Brent Baloun says if they know where the cameras are, they may reach out for help on a case.

We don't want to access. All we're asking for is if something does come up, and it's close to their home, they've got a camera facing a particular direction,  we'll call them say, ‘Hey, can you check up this timeframe? If you see something, could you make a copy, and then just get it to us that might help us out? ‘.

Anyone interested in signing up their security and doorbell cameras to the registry is asked to call Officer Jenna Voigt at 763-200-4267.

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