Minnesota has had a few popular bands that are from here, and you can probably guess which is the considered the best. Here's the biggest and best from each state.

The website Thrillist.com did a great job of researching which bands came out of every state in the United States, then deciding if they are the BEST based historical significance, influence, popularity, and the nebulous "quality" factor, and they didn't include any bands from before World War II.

They also made the list about actual "bands" and not individual artists, which takes a lot of hip-hop and country artists off that list.

Some of the states in the upper Midwest, near Minnesota are listed below:

  • Minnesota - Prince & The Revolution
  • Wisconsin - Garbage
  • North Dakota - Bobby Vee & The Strangers
  • South Dakota - Scatter Their Own
  • Iowa - The Everly Brothers
  • Illinois - Earth, Wind & Fire

There's going to be a lot of different opinions about the full list of every state. Give it a look and see what you think!

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