Of all the holidays out there, I’m sure that Christmas is probably the most popular. Personally, I happen to be more of a Halloween guy myself, but I’ve got nothing against Christmas. It is definitely a fun time of the year (minus all the snow and the cold.)

I love hanging out with my family and friends and exchanging gifts just as much as the next guy. But no Christmas celebration is complete without a Christmas tree. Just like costumes and jack-o-lanterns are integral to Halloween, and Turkey is integral to Thanksgiving, it’s hard to feel like it’s actually Christmas without sporting a Christmas tree.

While some people are content with buying a cheap one from their local Wal-Mart, others like to go all out and get an authentic, freshly cut tree to celebrate the occasion. If you happen to be someone in search of an actual X-mas tree, you can pick one up at any of these fine establishments in and around St. Cloud.

  • Tree Farm Sales Lot
  • Riverbluff Christmas Tree Farm
  • Jan’s Christmas Trees
  • B&J Evergreen
  • Hinkemeyer Christmas Tree Farm
  • Petersen Tree Farm
  • Valley Green Companies
  • Garden Center At The Home Depot

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