ST. JOSEPH TOWNSHIP -- A bridge project on Interstate 94 in central Minnesota will cause some major traffic delays starting next week.

The bridge is between Highway 23 and Stearns County Road 138 just northwest of the Grande Depot.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation says starting Wednesday, August 31st traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction until the work is completed in late October.

The speed limit through the work zone will be reduced to 60 miles-per-hour and drivers should expect slowdowns, delays, and even sudden stops. You're advised to find an alternate route or travel during off-peak times if possible.

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Drivers should use the zipper merge and use both lanes until the lane shift forces them to take turns crossing the bridge.

Crews will start on the eastbound lanes of the bridge first before making repairs to the westbound lanes. In mid-October, drivers should expect periodic lane closures as crews remove crossovers and complete the work.

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