High school football season is coming, and SportsCenter recently shared a video from an Illinois High School football practice that was called 'moms night' it gave mothers the chance to tackle their sons and it looks like these moms had a fun time doing it!

The video shared by SportsCenter was originally from WMBD in Peoria Illinois and it is brilliant. According to the post that accompanied the video from SportsCenter:

This high school team had a "Mom's Night" practice where they got to gear up and tackle their sons

Everyone involved seemed to be having a pretty good time with it, as moms got lined up about 15-20 yards back, got a good running start, and got to pop their high school sons into a padded mat.

Most of the moms had pretty good tackling form!

There has to be a Minnesota high school around that would be interested in having a Mom's Night at practice, if for nothing else watching moms pop their kids once, I mean talk about having some bragging rights when they graduate!

I know when I was in high school I often got lippy with my folks, and something tells if, given the opportunity at times, both of my parents wouldn't have minded bringing the lumber to football practice.

Speaking of high school football, the season is gearing up to start with a majority of local teams playing for the first time next Friday, September 2nd.

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