Case Keenum is leading the Vikings better than we've seen in many years. He's doing so good that he could become our starting Quarterback next year.

Keep in mind this is only my opinion, but it's got some very good points at this actually happening...

There's no question about the talents and abilities of Case Keenum, and the Vikings are loving what's going on right now. They have a 9-2 record and in 1st place in the NFC North division by a long shot. The playoffs are a guarantee, a situation we haven't been in for a while.

This offense has clicked finally, and Keenum is the piece that's holding it all together. They've played a few very good teams and the Vikings have straight-up out played each of them since he took over for Sam Bradford, who went out with a knee injury earlier this season.

Coach Zimmer has said that Keenum will stay the starting QB until he starts to falter, which would give Teddy Bridgewater his original seat in the Quarterback chair. With hopes for big things this year, they'd be insane to break up the team and pull Keenum at any point this season, even if he has a bad day.

For once, we don't have serious concerns at the Quarterback position! All our key scoring positions are strong right now, with superstars coming to life that weren't all that awesome before. When you put in a new leader on the field, plays fall apart, which is exactly what will happen if Bridgewater replaces Case Keenum at any point this season.

Without trying to jinx the Vikings by talking about going to the Super Bowl, here's what is likely to happen if they make it this year...

If they win the Super Bowl, Case Keenum stays the starting QB next year. It doesn't matter how ready Bridgewater and Bradford are, they'll trade one of them, and would likely be Bradford.

If they lose the Super Bowl, Case Keenum steps aside next year for Bridgewater as his backup, and they trade Bradford. This option is still the wrong decision, Keenum earned his starting spot for another year.

I really like the guy, he's what we've needed for a long time. The pressure he has to deal with right now to stay in the starting role is something that not many people could handle, and he's doing it like it's no big deal. I'm just waiting for the announcement to come, that Keenum will start in the 2018/2019 season...Skol!

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