We’re turning the corner in the school year, heading for those precious summer break days. I think it’s safe to say when they get here, students and teachers alike will be ready for the break. 

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Kids always look forward to summer, not having to get up as early, maybe staying up later, and in most cases lots of down time. Parents on the other hand, are normally trying to find ways to keep their kids busy and in some cases have their education continue during their long summer break. 

Career Solutions is offering parents of teenagers an option to keep the kids busy, help them learn and even make some money. They offer “CareerOne” which is a summer employability program skills training program for teens 14-17.  

While the kids are in this program they will learn: 

  • Employability Skills 
  • Learn about careers that are in High Demand 
  • Develop work habits and leadership skills 
  • Learn to work as a member of a team 
  • And earn a Paycheck 

Plus, there will be lessons in managing money, each kid’s confidence is likely to grow throughout the program and they’ll make employment connections and new friends.  

Participants will also learn about how to prepare a resume and go through a job interview. And they could earn some college credit during this process too. 

The teens who participate in this program must attend school in St. Cloud, Melrose, Sauk Center or any surrounding school in Stearns or Benton County.  

The program will operate from June 24th to July 25th from 8am-3:30 pm, which totals 19 meeting days. The students can earn up to $1,029 during that time period.  Plus, there's transportation and meals as well. 

If you have a child who fits the criteria, get more details or sign them here 

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