With a big election just a few months away, the city of Alexandria is reminding residents that removing signs from other's front yards is illegal.

The Alexandria Community Watch group posted on Facebook Friday saying:

Did you know it’s against the law to remove a sign like this from someone’s yard? With people putting signs in their yard for political or any other reason, when you step into their yard you are trespassing and stealing when you remove it.

They went on to say if you don't like the sign, just pass on by.

This must be a pretty prominent issue in Alexandria. My sister and brother-in-law live there and had a yard sign stolen from their yard just days after putting it out. It's not like signs are free, you have to buy them and it really upset them that something they paid for was taken by someone who didn't like it. It's like if your neighbors painted a door a color that you didn't like. You can't just go and take it because you aren't a fan.

My brother-in-law ended up ordering and putting out another sign, and this time made sure it was in the viewing area of the house security cameras. Luckily the second one hasn't been stolen yet, but if the Alexandria community page is feeling the need to post on social media about this issue I can only imagine it is still happening.

America is great because we all have a right to voice our opinions. We have the luxury of voting for who our leader is. We can put the signs in our yards that we choose. And if we don't agree, we can have conversations with our neighbors like adults, or we can just pass on by.

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