It’s summer time in Minnesota, and you know what that means – bonfires, camping, and grilling. But most importantly, it’s the season of live music. Watching live music might honestly be my favorite pastime.

There’s nothing quite like the butterflies you get when you see a good band perform. One of the best parts about living in Minnesota is the fact that concerts are everywhere in the summer time. We take it for granted, but it’s pretty cool. If you want more bang for your buck when you’re concert browsing this week, you should look into the Little Texas festival in Richmond this weekend.

There’s going to be three national artists performing over the course of three days. Thursday you can catch 1085A at 3 pm, Friday you can see Little Texas at 9 pm, and Saturday the Wild Creek Entertainers perform at at noon. The festival is at El Rancho Manana and you can get your tickets online right now.

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