Areas of Minnesota have been chosen to distribute a bunch of regular $1 bills that are worth anywhere from $100 to $10,000 based on the serial number.

Keep in mind this is a promotion from Ally Banking, and they've taken some time to think about how to get traffic to their website and their online banking name out there. But it's a great promotion for those who want to try to partake in a contest that has worse odds of winning than the lottery.

Nevertheless, it could be fun to enter in the serial number of every dollar bill you have into their online dollar checker to see if you win something.

They want to "make your money work harder", so they've chosen many cities across the U.S. to distribute $1 bills to, and a bunch of those bills have come to the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.

Keep in mind that many people from central Minnesota work in the Twin Cities and spend money there, then travel back to this area and spend some of the $1 change they received from the Twin Cities! So there is a chance of winning up here in the St. Cloud area.

Who knows exactly how many of these $1 bills they've put into circulation in Minnesota, it wasn't clear on their contest website. I might, just for chips and giggles, check a couple of my $1 bills.

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