An advent calendar is a great way to count down the days remaining until Christmas.

When I was a little kid there were few things I loved more than the Advent Calendar my aunt would send me every year. Every day from December 1st to Christmas Eve I could open the little cardboard door and help myself to just a tiny morsel of chocolate.

As time goes on we have seen an evolution of sorts for the Advent Calendar. My kid is five and he has had a bunch of different ones, like a Hot Wheels calendar that dispenses a car every day and a Disney book Advent Calendar which offers a different holiday-themed book each day in December.

via Target.Com
via Target.Com

For adults, Aldi has gone viral in each of the last few years for its wine Advent Calendar. This year the discount grocer also offers beer, hard seltzer, hot sauce calendars and more!

This year Sam's Club is offering a cheese Advent Calendar (which, coincidentally, would pair great with the wine calendar). For $16.88 you can start every day in December with a slice of cheese.

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The calendar is made by Ilster Cheese out of England and includes Applewood, smoked Cheddar, Mexicana, Cheddar with Peppers, Ilchester, Double Gloucester and a Cheddar with Apple, Onion and Sage.

This Advent Calendar has a catch, however. Instead of keeping it near the tree or on the mantle, the cheese calendar must stay refrigerated!

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