If you want to spread some holiday cheer during a pandemic, people across the nation are putting Christmas back up. Luckily at our house we haven’t taken them down.

Now that the COVID-19 virus has spread to every state in the U.S., people across the nation are spending a lot of time in their homes, I mean A LOT, and the social distancing is beginning to take its toll on people mentally according to CNN.

It’s time to spread some cheer to people at such a gloomy time, people are putting their Christmas lights back up or just turning their lights back on for those, like myself,  that haven’t gotten around to taking them down yet. It all started with a tweet from Milwaukee Brewers broadcaster Lane Grindle.

“What if we all put our Christmas lights back up? Then we could get in the car and drive around and look at them,” Grindle tweeted. “That seems like a fair social distancing activity.”

Here are some Tweets from people sharing some holiday cheer:

I don't know about you, but this just makes my heart happy. It would be a blast driving around listening to Christmas music while checking out all the beautiful lights in our neighborhood. I think it gives us hope that our lives will be back to normal soon. 

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