It was either scorching hot in this guy's room or he is very comfortable walking around in his underwear in public. I actually saw this tweet about a week ago, it shows the picture of a man reportedly standing at a Minneapolis hotel's front desk, and I wasn't too sure about it, but something about this picture makes me think that this REALLY did happen at a Minnesota hotel.


The first thing that stands out to me about the photo other than it being of a seemingly large man standing at a hotel front desk in his underwear was the date it was posted. It was posted on a Sunday evening. So I started to think about what would have been going on that day in Minneapolis...then it hit me, the Vikings were hosting the Chicago Bears.

So the likelihood that someone may still have had perhaps the liquid courage to wander up to the front desk on a Sunday if their room was too hot it's possible that was going to be in my favor, secondly, if this guy is/was a Bears fan...that might be another factor...

I also checked out the Tweets from the person who tweeted the previous photo and it doesn't appear to be someone who just Tweets random Spammy content. So I'm hopeful that this indeed was the real deal and that there was someone just walking around in just their underwear.

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