Katie & Neil Gerads are heartbroken, and so am I after reading this story. They are from Morrison county and they are asking for your help in finding there precious Belgian Draft Horse that was stolen from their property back on December 7th.

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Neil believes that someone took Richard, their 20 year old gelding on December 7th at about 3 in the morning.  Neil had heard a noise outside and went out to check on the horses and they were all there at that time.  But when Katie and Neil got up in the morning, one of the horses was missing.  They are assuming that someone was already outside waiting and heard Neil coming so hid until he went back inside.

No fencing was down, and Katie says that Richard is a gentle giant. Anyone can go up to him and pet him, so he would be easy to load as he doesn't run.


The couple believes that whoever took their horse probably walked him off the property to a nearby trailer.  Katie found Richard on Craigslist. The owner wanted $1500 for him, but he was seriously malnourished and had a leg injury, so the owner gave Richard to Katie for free, as long as she would take care of the vet bills.

Richard did well under the care of Katie, and had gained 100 pounds.


"If anybody had him or has him and just wants to bring him back, set him in here, no questions, nothing asked," Neil said.

The couple is offering $1000 reward for the return of their beautiful big puppy dog. Belgians like to be in pairs, and they are hoping that whoever took him has a change of heart and brings him home. Read the full story and watch the video below.


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