Valentines Day is coming soon. Always seems to be a lot more thought about love, relationships and talking about someone being your Valentine. But, have you ever wondered if they are your soulmate.

Two new surveys on soulmates just came out. And over half of Americans think they HAVE met their soulmate already.The first poll asked, "do you believe in soulmates," and 56% said yes. 25% said no, and 19% weren't sure. Men were slightly more likely to believe than women . . . 58% vs. 55%.
The second survey asked people if they've met their soulmate yet. And 51% said yes.
43% said they're currently in a relationship with them. 8% said yes, but they're NOT together at the moment. And 12% haven't met their soulmate, but hope to someday.
Again, men were a little more likely to say they're currently with their soulmate . . . 46% compared to 40% of women.


There is a lot of hype around soulmates. A term commonly used but how do you know you truly found your soulmate? It seems to be kind of a overly used word when it comes to love. I have the top 10 ways that you can identify your soulmate.


Here are the 10  ways to identify if you have found you "Soulmate":

1. You just know it.

There is not a true test that will help you determine if you've found your soulmate or not. If you would like to figure it out for yourself you just have to go with your gut, that your person is the right one for you. You should feel energized by their presence, comfortable enough to completely open up, and just giddy with love. Of course, this is not true with everyone.

2. They're your best friend.

A friendship is the best foundation for any relationship. You see in movies and tv shows all the time friends falling in love with each other. If you are in a trusting, positive friendship with your special someone. That right there my friend is a great sign.

3. When they make you feel calm.

You spend a lot of time with them, so being with them should make you feel at home and at ease. Of course, there will probably be butterflies and nerves at first, but after you get comfortable with each other, it should just feel natural.

4. You have extreme empathy for them.

When they fail at work or doing a task you should feel their pain or frustration. In a sense, you feel each other's feelings. Seeing them upset upsets you, but conversely, you share in each other's happiness. When they succeed, nothing makes you happier.

5. You respect each other.

A relationship is nothing without respect so if your SO doesn't admire you for who you are, they're probably not your soulmate. Your soulmate should think of your feelings and thoughts, not ignore them. They should appreciate and love you and always treat you the way they want to be treated.

6. You balance each other out.

You don't need to be just like your partner to be soulmates. You two can have different personalities, upbringings, and backgrounds and still be your special person. The important part comes when you see how you two, as very different people, come together. Does your chill nature compliment their anxious demeanor? With my husband he is the calm to my storm.

7. You share the same life goals.

You may not work in the same field and you may argue about little trivial things, but generally you and your soulmate share the same "big picture" life goals. Obviously, there will be disagreements and that's okay. That's a pretty good predictor for long-term happiness as a couple.

8. You challenge each other.

Your soulmate should bring out the best in you, and that means pushing you a little to become the best you can be. Yes, you should admire and respect who they are, but you should also push them to reach their goals, try to get them to work a little harder when they need a nudge, and aid with their personal development. Relationships are all about growth , right?

9. You can totally be yourself.

You can't fake it when it comes to your soulmate. You have to be able to be totally yourself around them and you know they'll still love you for your silly goofy self. You share your guilty pleasures, your weird quirks, your deepest secrets, and you know it will just make them love you more.

10. You fight for the relationship.

Relationships aren't always easy, even between soulmates, but you two work hard for your relationship. This often means compromising, working on yourself, or talking through issues. Maybe your jealousy has become a problem so you talk to a therapist about it. Or they quit smoking because it's important to you. The fact that you two are showing that you're willing to take these steps is a sign you're soulmates. Make sure they are sticking and are strongly implemented.


Let's think about the other side of this. Here is a video about signs someone is not your soulmate.

There is some things to think about. Hope you found your soulmate and married them.


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