Yesterday was the first day of Farmfest in Southern Minnesota. If you've never been to Farmfest before it is where producers, politicians, and rural lifestyle meets to talk all things ag. It's also, generally speaking, one of the first events for those running for office to form an impression with those living outside the Twin Cities metro. Yesterday Gov Walz, and his Republican opponent Dr. Scott Jensen, squared off in their first debate. While the Governor was at Farmfest he took some questions of those assembled. One man asked the Governor about the events that unfolded after George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer, to which the Governor didn't get the chance to reply.

The man, who is seen in the Twitter video posted by Rebecca Brannon, asked Governor Walz "Why did you let a police station burn to the ground and not send in troops to stop it?"

As Governor Walz begins to answer the man's question, he is quickly cut off by someone off camera, it sounds like perhaps it was a staffer for the Governor, and directed towards another area of Farmfest, where "people were waiting".

With Governor's race starting to hit full stride, there will be more questions like this being asked of both candidates, in what I am sure is supposed to be a 'GOTCHA' moment, so the sidestepping of some questions might continue through November for both.

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