Simple math to me. Governor Walz has been talking legalization for at least a couple of years and the only thing that was standing in the way was a Republican controlled Minnesota Senate. In fact, there were several other bills that the were stalled in the Republican controlled Senate that now could become a reality in Minnesota.

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It's been 8 years since the Democrats controlled the Senate, so some things might change, come January. "If your favorite bill couldn’t get a hearing before, it might be different in January," said Senate assistant minority leader Nick Frentz in a Fox 9 interview. "It sounds like the people of Minnesota want the democrat agenda and they want us to put it through." 

Legal cannabis is not the only thing that has been stalled in the Senate. Sports betting, using the surplus for tax rebates also has been held up. "We should work on getting that money back to the people. That’s what they want. We have needs and investments. Education, long term care, public safety. We should make those investments when we have a surplus."

The Democratic controlled House and Senate aren't making it sound like legal recreational marijuana is a major priority. "I don’t think I see it in the near or far future but its what the majority of Minnesotans want and it is coming."  My guess would be sooner than later.

Sports betting could be a bigger challenge than a lot of the other issues the House and Senate will be undertaking. It's a complex issue and will probably take some time to put a acceptable to Minnesotans plan together and get it passed.

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