Not sure what to do with the pumpkins on your porch after Halloween? The animals at the Pine Grove Zoo in Little Falls would love to take them off your hands. The zoo's Facebook page posted saying:

Do you have any pumpkins you are wanting to donate? Our animals would love them for enrichment. You can drop them off by our back gate any day, as we come and go throughout the day. Our animal family thank you!

The animals at the Pine Grove Zoo live in Little Falls year-round, so even though the zoo itself is closed to visitors, the animals there still receive top-tier care. Part of that care involves different enrichment activities in their enclosures, special treats and toys to keep them happy and engaged.

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Pumpkins are great for enrichment as they are safe to consume for a lot of animals, and they are something fun and different for them to experience. Plus they are extra festive this time of year.

If you are ready to get rid of the pumpkins on your front porch, you can just drop them off at the back gate of the zoo and one of the employees will grab them as they go in and out throughout the day. The animals and staff will be so thankful for your donation, and you can focus on getting your porch decorated for the next holiday.

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