There is nothing I enjoy more than hearing stories of people doing random acts of kindness. It warms my heart. In a world full of drama, chaos and people just focusing on themselves being so busy.

I know a lot of people that did the $20.20 tip challenge but not a $2020.00 tip! Holy smokes. That is a lot.

When I heard this story about Donnie Wahlberg I thought I need to share this.   I was a waitress when I was younger and someone tipping me more than 25% would have put a smile on my face. But, imagine being a waitress at IHOP and getting $2020. Life changer. What a incredible act of kindness. What a great way for the waitress Bethany to start off her year.

I may not be able to do something on such a large scale like that. I could however, pay for somebody's coffee or lunch. It's those little things that add up to be very big things. You never know what people are going through, and those little acts of kindness might just be exactly what they needed. Plus, it's contagious.

. @DonnieWahlberg starting 2020 off like the amazing man he is. #ihop #2020tipchallenge

— Jenny McC-Wahlberg (@JennyMcCarthy) January 1, 2020

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