At my house my kids love pancakes. Especially, my son, Wyatt. He loves loves loves pancakes. We have been going to IHOP for years. This morning I heard that IHOP might be opening up a new fast food chain and I had to look into it. That would be amazing to have a place with fast service breakfast.

Have you ever had a craving for a "pancake bowl" on your way to work? Life might just a little better for you in 2020. IHOP has announced plans to expand/consolidate its sit-down restaurants, casual breakfast chain into a on-the-go diners. It's going to be named Flip'd, it is going to be a smaller version of the pancake house, which currently has more than 1,700 locations in the U.S.

Flip'd will be in the first cities as of Spring 2020.Flip'd is a new fast-casual, to-go concept by IHOP that will roll out in its first cities in Spring 2020. Flip'd customers will order at the counter or from a digital kiosk with the option to take their food to go or take a seat. But seating will be far more limited than a regular IHOP.

The first Flip'ds will roll out in Spring 2020 in Atlanta with other areas like New York City, Chicago, Boston and Dallas "under consideration." So nothing in the plans for Minnesota yet but I could see this being successful here.

You may be wondering what will be hitting the menu. Pancake Bowls, that exactly what it is, pancakes in a bowl.They are served with a choice of toppings from berries and sauce to scrambled eggs with hickory smoked bacon and melted cheese. In addition to other on-the-go breakfast items like egg sandwiches, burritos packed with veggies or savory meats, coffees and espressos, Flip'd will serve on-the-go lunch and dinner.Hearty items like crispy chicken sandwiches and burgers will also be available.

When I heard about this my ears perked up. It will be interesting to see if end up getting one in Central MN. I think Minneapolis has a good chance at landing one. Flip'd may be coming soon to a city near you. Fingers crossed.

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