To everyone's relief, the pancake chain has reverted back to its original name.

Back in June, IHOP nearly tore America apart at its seams when they announced that they were changing their name to "IHOB," inverting the "p" to a "b."

Many thought the name change was just a publicity stunt until the pancake chain confirmed that the "b" would stand for "burgers" and that they really were unveiling a new lineup of beef patties.

Now, one month later, IHOB has put everyone out of their collective misery by changing their name back to IHOP and confirming that it was all just a publicity stunt after all.

"We’d never turn our back on pancakes," they say, "(except for that time we faked it to promote our new burgers)."

And once again, everything is right with the world. Well, not really, but you are invited to join IHOP in celebrating their 60th birthday July 17th with 60 cent short stacks!

Well played, IHOP...well played.