Looks like a comfortable chair to sit it, right? Sure it does. Something was fishy from the very beginning.  My boyfriend Darin saw these really nice lawn chairs, that were supposed to be incredibly comfortable, that could actually swing.

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Two chairs for just $40! What a great deal. He ordered the chairs. He received an email message containing the information about how to track the package and the website for more information. Almost immediately, he recognized that something was wrong...the links were not working. He contacted his bank and informed them of what was happening.

Photo by Kelly Cordes
Photo by Kelly Cordes

Luckily, he didn't lose his money. He was refunded.  Surprisingly about a month later, the swinging lawn chairs arrived.  The picture above is the lawn chairs he received. They wouldn't even hold a small child. Both of them together weren't even tall enough to reach half way up a tire. Oh..and swinging....I don't think so?


This is the second time we've had something happen ordering something off of Facebook. The first one was my easy fit pants. Yeah...They were $40 and wouldn't fit a 3 year old. My suggestion is...don't EVER order anything from Facebook. Everything looks legit...but it's not. These days, it's hard to know when you're ordering something that is worthy of your money. Technology makes everything appear to be real, but this is just another example of scamming at its best.  Buyer beware!

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